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What does it take to convert a website visitor from a complete stranger into your next customer? Their decision is made in a split second. You either connect with them, or you don’t. Effective websites not only look good; they communicate, they build buzz and they astonish. We do too.

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As our customer, you can expect us to work hard on your projects. We will help you from thinking up a strategy for top notch web design, into implementing that strategy and launching the process in an optimal way, while using SEO web design.

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Big Fish Designs is based out of the Central Florida area. We offer our customers professional, full service web design, web development, SEO and consulting.

Allen has been a valuable colleague through the years we have known each other. His ability to bounce design ideas has proven to be a successful asset to me and in this industry.

- Timothy Glenn

Lead Technical Architect at InComm
The best compliment I can possibly give Allen that illustrates the quality of his work is that I can barely remember working with him at all. Allen was assigned to handle the web portion of some of my most complicated cross-media campaigns. These campaigns relied heavily on variable customer data and viewer choices to populate pages with customer specific copy, graphics, offers, links and video. The fact that I never interacted with Allen much after handing over my requirements document is a testament to his high-level coding skills as well as his ability to make the complexity of these marketing campaigns a reality. Furthermore, I have since come to learn that Allen's ability to see the "Big Picture" of what I was trying to convey from start to finish, marketing-wise is not an ingrained skill that all web programmers/designers possess, which makes me appreciate his skills all the more.

- Nancy Masse

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$ 150
Starting from
Search Engine Optimization (2 hour minimum)
Search Engine Marketing (2 hour minimum)
Custom Programming (no minimum)

Social Media

$ 75
Starting from
Social Media Setup & Customization (2 hour minimum)
Copywriting/Editing (3 hour minimum)
Graphic Design (2 hour minimum)


Big Fish Designs will captivate your audience with a website that integrates your business goals and objectives with creative design and compelling content. Our website design team will translate your message into effective online communication through our award winning design, intuitive navigation, and seamless back-end technology.


PHONE     407 716 7790

ADDRESS     3244 Noah St. Deltona



Big Fish Designs is a Central Florida based web design and development firm that provides custom website solutions. We work to ensure that your project reflects the individual needs, vision, and unique identity of your business. Call (407) 716-7790 to request a FREE quote.